Our Prouce

Pure organic food, 100% Natural, mechanically packed, with no preservatives or any additives.
Wide variety of canned food, pickles, food in brine and fresh vegetables and fruits.

Our Produce


Rest assured that no chemicals added to any of our produce

Fresh & Healthy

Our products are always fresh from our farms and harvest

100% Organic

The product is free of residue of Pesticides and Heavy Metals.

Fresh Produce

From crisp lettuce to juicy tomatoes, our produce is carefully harvested and delivered straight to your table, ensuring that you get the freshest and most flavorful products possible

Canned Produce

At Farza, we specialize in canning the freshest and highest quality fruits and vegetables to provide our customers with delicious and nutritious options that can be enjoyed year-round.

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Nothing can show the real position of a company like numbers, and here are ours

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Quality is our main concern

At Farza, we pride ourselves on our expertise in the cultivation, harvesting, and processing of vegetables and fruits. In addition to offering a wide range of canned products such as white beans, red beans, canned chickpeas, canned beans, canned corn, grape leaves, and Eggplant Makdous, we also have the capability to manufacture various other types of canned vegetables to cater to our customers’ needs.
Our commitment to quality extends beyond canned goods as we specialize in the export of fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Whether it’s crisp greens, succulent fruits, or aromatic herbs, our dedicated team ensures that our products meet the highest standards of freshness, taste, and nutrition.
Moreover, we take pride in our ability to export premium olive oil, further expanding our range of offerings.
With our comprehensive expertise and emphasis on quality, we are the ideal partner for your vegetable and fruit needs, either canned or fresh.

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